Frequently Asked Questions

Our prices have already been discounted to make them as affordable as possible, we also have discount promo codes for new and returning customers. The prices are not negotiable.
Yes. Your parcel can be delivered to any address convenient for you. To make this possible, you should enter your preferred address as your ‘shipping address’ before you checkout.

Most of our products are shipped from Abroad, directly from the shoe brand so we do not accept pay on delivery, you have to make full payments before your order is being shipped

Flashyfoot Limited has 3 different payment options to choose from, you can pay by transferring directly to our bank account using your tracking order, you can pay through paystack with your debit card and you can also pay through paypal

Once you have found a shoe you need you can select the color and size and then click on the add to cart button then follow procedures to make payments and place your order, if you are shopping for multiple shoes after shopping you can click on the cart button in form of a handbag above then click on checkout to complete your order

We charge a standard rate for shipping, shipping to all locations in Nigeria are at the same price, this charges are for the courier services which is much more cheaper than normal, if you want your products to get to you faster you can order for premium delivery which would take 5 to 10 days  and cost a higher rate
Our delivery time is based on your product and your location, If the product you ordered for is labelled Shipped from abroad, it would take 2 to 3 weeks for products to be delivered to you, if your product doesn't carry the "shipped from abroad" label it would take one to two weeks for products to get to you depending on your location, if you are in Lagos it would get to you faster than other locations.

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